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i making crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels. wow, i'm impressed! [ ding ] dad, the cable's out! you got that right? [ kiss ] thank you ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. good friday morning. check out live doppler 7 hd we this thunderstorms roll through and hail overnight. clearing trend going to develop before more thunderstorms even snow down to 3,000 feet hits this
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afternoon. >> live look at bay bridge toll, no problems, wet roads culprit with spin-outs and pooling water. >> reporter: we are on storm watch we found a power outage in this neighborhood it is weather-related, it is because of a lightning strike that story coming up. good morning. you can see even if it is dry you may still be impacted by the storm. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas heard thunder last night. mike has been tracking things. let's find out what he sees. i see a drying trend developing clouds opening up and chilly temperatures rushing into that void where there aren't clouds mid 30s in the north bay valleys. best chance of getting wet in the central valley through the
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diablo range down south of san jose towards morgan hill where we have it now as you head towards san martin and gilroy, watsonville, pulling away from santa cruz where we have our best radar returns. that's what is coming our way for the afternoon and evening another stretch of showers h, thunderstorms, small hail and snow down to 3 thaw feet during the afternoon mid five -- 3,000 feet during the afternoon mid 50s to upper 50s. good morning. pooling water is out there, not making for good driving. back up to truckee tahoe live shot you can see roads are open, snow on the ground chains required on highway 80 from nyack to truckee and 50 to meyers.
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bart delay some sort of insulation on the track. fremont line richmond fremont and millbrae directions 10 to 15 minute delays no other mass transit problems. oakland new accident southbound 880 at high solo spin-out. accident san jose blossom hill in the clearing sections. 5:03. bay area residents were awakened by rare round of thunderstorms overnight and lightning strike has caused power outages in san francisco. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco. >> reporter: i'm at nowee valley at 24th and hoffman, pg&e confirms it was because of lightning strikes, lightning hit four trance morningers. i'm joined by one of the residents, julia dawson, what did it sound like? >> it sounded like a big bomb going off much larger than
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anything i've heard and i knew it had to be close itch >> reporter: did you know what it was? -- >> no. although did worry about it. there was only one explosion and not other one i decided to go back to bed. >> reporter: you don't have power? >> no. >> reporter: is it cold in the house? >> note yet, but it will be if they don't get it fixed. >> reporter: tell me about your alarm clock situation? i wonder about people who rely on power to wake them up. >> we are lucky, my husband and i both wake up any way. >> reporter: i have an update, pg&e the foreman thinks they will get it back on around 8:00, 9:00, he said they were able to reset one of the transformers. but they had to send someone away from here to go pick up four more transformers that they have to put in. it could be a while he's guessing, maybe 8 or 9 they
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say this is impacting less than 100 customers here. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning a 57-year-old woman is recovering from a terrifying kidnapping in the east bay. police search for the the two men who robbed her. investigators say it started when a woman was walking to her car in a parking lot wednesday night two men attacked her, bound and gagged her before putting her in the back of her car she was driven to various atm's to withdraw money and later released in the oakland hills. they say it is scary because police believe the woman was randomly targeted. >> it has always been a wonderful place to work, surprising and brazen. >> the victim was treated for minor injuries and released. police are looking for two white men, first in early to mid 20s, 5'11, 190 pounds,
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short dark hair. the second also white man early to mid 20s, 5'9, 150 pounds slight build, black hooded sweatshirt and dark jeans. oakland police released composite of one of two men to tried to kidnap a 14-year-old. it happened near 103rd avenue and international boulevard, 4:30 wednesday afternoon. the girl was grabbed from behind and pulled towards a red pick-up truck she managed to escape and ran home. the man is mid to late 20s, 144y to 150 pounds, thin build. -- san francisco fire investigating cause of intense blaze that gutted a home in monterey heights neighborhood after 6:30 last night on fern wood near rosewood. at one point crews were on the
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roof to get to hot spots. president obama is set to make his first post-election comments today about actions needed to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. tahman bradley is in washington and joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning. shortly after president obama was reelected, he called congressional leaders to talk about the so-called fiscal cliff. it is a major issue that needs to be resolveed by the end of the year. democrats and republicans say they are willing to talk but there's major hurdles. showdown looming, as democrats and republicans strike a conciliatory tone post-election both sides are set to collide over taxes. >> raising tax rates unacceptable. and it couldn't even pass the house.
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>> reporter: in an interview house speaker boehner drew a hard-line on raising taxes but opened the door to raising more revenue. >> i would do that, if the president were serious about solving our spending problem and trying to secure our entitlement programs. >> reporter: democrats think the president has a mandate to raise taxes on families making more than $250,000 a year. >> there was a message sent to us by the american people, based on the campaign, that is, people making all this money have to contribute a little more. >> reporter: democrats and republicans are set to begin talks on debt reduction hoping to avoid automatic spending cuts and tax increases from kicking in at the end of the year. the president will make his comments today at the white house. during his victory speech he said he wants a bipartisan
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solution. >> the president: i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together. reducing our deficit, reforming our tax code. >> reporter: the president will make his remarks this afternoon in front of an audience at the white house. but he will not be taking questions. the white house says, he will not be introducing any new policies. tahman bradley, abc news. >> a lot of speculation about what is going to happen if the congress and president don't hammer out a deal. >> reporter: the congressional budget office says the economy will fall into a recession and analysts predict the unemployment rate will climb back up to 9% and there could be a delay in people receiving income tax returns. major consequences. >> nobody wants that. thank you. while we are talking percentages time to turnover to mike and talk about what the chances are for showers or wet roads.
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>> heard it, the heavy rain, the thunder that accompanied the lightning. couple bolts of lightning overnight especially concord and san francisco, causing the power outage there is, we had small hail fall through our thunderstorms as we talked about and there is still another chance of that best chance morgan hill and san martin southern sections of santa clara valley sliding south, gilroy get ready it is go to get wet in your neighborhoods. higher elevations under the radar and satellite, you can see it is getting color coded that means starting to mix some of the snow into our highest elevations like mount hamilton getting snow now quickly fading but it definitely left a dusting. can't wait to see daytime shots more chances of snow during the afternoon when showers return. drying trend now all the way
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through 7:00, by 7:00 the radar returns are gone we just have the cold air low to mid 40s this morning. by noon, partly cloudy, low to mid 50s by the time the showers start to redevelop, upper 50s, 7:00 more likely we'll have showers, back in the upper 40s to near 50, chilly day with chilly rain for your evening. for saturday, increasing sunshine, drier, brighter, mid to upper 50s after a frosty start sunday morning, highs in the mid 50s to around 60 after a frosty start monday morning upper 50s to mid 60s. good morning. san mateo bridge roads are wed traffic flowing nicely as -- are wet, traffic flowing nicely tail lights foster city towards the highrise no problems in that direction looking good this morning about a 15 minute drive from east bay to the peninsula. east shore freeway past
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golden gate fields into berkeley and emeryville looking good relatively light into the macarthur maze eastbound fine no problems, drive out of antioch towards pittsburg, still good, speeds at the limit, less than 15 minutes to concord from antioch same out of the central valley mild commute so far so good 15 minute drive from the altamont pass dublin pleasanton stall right lane southbound 880 at high blocking, 10 to 15 minutes on richmond from fremont, richmond and millbrae directions due to insulation on the tracks they are working to clear out. 5:12. next, where you can get a flu shot today. best of all, it is free. a man who started his own university in ghana gets a prestigious bay [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent.
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[ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin welcome back. 5:15. the embarcadero residual moisture, rain now? no. fog around novato 3/4 mile visibility. watch out for that. cool this morning 5 to 15° cooler than yesterday. complete frosty forecast in a
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second. 5:16. another first for san francisco, it will be the first u.s. city to cover the cost of sex reassignment surgeries for uninsured transgender residents. the health commission voted to create a program next step to study how many it would serve and who would perform the surgeries it would be covered under san francisco's universal health care coverage program. free flu shots today, clinic by the bay offering free vaccinations to adults 18 and over. the clinic is at 477 mission street in -- 4877 mission street in san francisco today between 10 this morning and 2:00 this afternoon. today a cal alum from ghana will receive innovation award. he is being recognized for trying to change ghana's future. he started a university in his home country.
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leaving a career at microsoft. his goal was to educate students and create change in a region bogged down in government corruption. >> i really needed to return to africa and be part of the solution in africa for the sake of the next generation and the generations after that. >> he started the university 10 years ago with only 30 students today there's 600 students at a larger campus, 350 students have graduated. tomorrow morning oracle's america's cup team has competition they've transformed their eight million dollar catamaran wrecked last month, into a plane. it will be launched or plunged in the 10th annual red bull -- 33 teams will launch flying devices in the bay from a 30 foot platform the team hopes it will help them move on from last month's accident.
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replacement boat won't be available until february. the event starts at 11:00 this morning. >> they turned night a plane, crazy engineering. >> we'll see if the plane flies. speaking of flights, in could be delays with the weather. >> i think it is clearing quick enough we may not have delays at sfo. 5:18. good morning. we'll keep an eye on it you can with our flight tracker at at the bottom, check out how clear the air is, air mass from alaska, canada, almost the arctic circle you can see how easy it is to see from mount tamalpais, sausalito, tiburon, alcatraz, bay bridge you can see the san mateo bridge in morning. -- bridge this morning. no spare the airs, no
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pollution, just a few showers in our outskirts into the southern sections of the santa clara valley into the monterey bay that's the best chance even near king city in the higher elevations we are getting a little snow outside the valleys there you could see this is definitely a cold air mass. last three hours, we still have rain pulling away if the dumbarton bridge heading towards 237 milpitas out of the sunol grade that may be one of the few areas still leaving -- still receiving light rain. 37 santa rosa, everybody else in the low to upper 40s this is one of the warmer nights we are going to have over the next couple mid to upper 40s arm the monterey bay and inland showers going to come back in afternoon, they will bring thunder, hail and snow levels to at least 3,000 feet, then the frost especially
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north bay valleys the next couple of nights. low pressure moving through now, one more behind it, that one behind it is going to be our last chance for showers. how does this play out? last night thunderstorms rolled through san francisco and concord now we can see the drying trend by noon by 3:00, storms back moving through the heart of the bay during the evening if you have evening plans 40s and raining with small hail. overnight, clearing and why it is going to be so chilly tomorrow morning 30s and 40s. heading up to the high country there's a lot of fresh powder but tricky getting there. saturday, sunday warming up after frost possible north bay valleys those morning. monday through -- [ unintelligible ]
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highways in tahoe open, 50 and eight chain requirements, 50 to meyers, 80 to truckee. light at bay bridge no problems cars westbound towards tolls no metering lights yet. wet roads light out of san rafael past freitas parkway north san pedro towards lincoln, a little puddling, standing water on the cortamadera side of things. when you get to the golden gate bridge, clear, no fog and very lightheaded southbound. four lanes configured for your southbound morning commute. first reports of a big rig accident eastbound 780 at glen cove we will follow this i don't see significant slowing on the sensors. bart 10 to 15 minute delay on richmond line fremont richmond and millbrae direction. no other mass transit problems as you head out.
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abc7 is proud to be leading a campaign to raise awareness of carbon monoxide -- home depot donating 3,000 to help seniors and anyone who can't afford one. detectors, alarms, -- early notification is paramount to saving lies. >> for tips on protecting your family and home check out under see it on tv. our addiction to video games may be easing. why video game makers are anxious about sales this holiday season. when is the best time to mail cards and packages for
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the holidays? this morning the answer from the source. you have to wait a couple minutes. >> observing. i'm paula faris.
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check out this picture from vollmer peak looking at emeryville lights reflecting on the bay bridge back to san francisco the reason the air is so clear it is chilly
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and getting drier. we'll talk about frost the next couple of mornings and one more round of showers and thunderstorms. >> >> 5:26. video game makers are hoping for a christmas rebound after a fall drop in sales. research firm says sales of new video game hardware, software and accessories fell 25% in october. sales of microsoft's x-box 360 fell 37% in october from the year before the 11th straight month of declining sales for physical game products as people go online to play games now. makers are banking on new christmas releases to change their fortunes. postal service sending out early word on when to mail your holiday gifts. if you want to avoid crowds avoid december 17th, that will be the busiest mailing day. december 22 nd will be the
5:27 am
last day he suggests printing your own labels and buying online to serve time. 5:27. next, hundreds of people braving the bitter cold and raw rain excuse me, right now for a chance at free food for the holidays we'll here about the need they face in a live report. exotic drug bust in the south bay find out what police say was being made inside a peninsula apartment complex. look at high temperatures, cooler than average from mid 50s to upper 50s, probably won't make it to 60 even with sunshine from the early morning into the afternoon.
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>> good friday morning. doppler showing the rain move weighing from the bay area couple pockets of wet weather still for your morning commute. full forecast in a few minutes. live look at san mateo pwraeupblg tail lights towards moss city getting a little crowded towards the high raise, standing water could be a problem closer look in a few minutes. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo in san jose, people are waiting in line to make sure they get a free box
5:31 am
of holiday food the first person in line as been waiting almost 20 hours. good morning. you heard that music in my mind, right? >> i hear lots of things from your mind. >> thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. the weather the story overnight, we had storm move in, is it moving out mike? >> yes, that is the good news for the morning commute, still residual moisture on the roads, best radar returns south and east a few moving south of dumbarton bridge towards 237 from sunnyvale towards milpitas north first street also warm springs boulevard where we are having the best radar returns now. a little farther south morgan hill starting to dry, san martin and gilroy, towards freedom and watsonville best radar returns to the north, last chunk of energy to come through and wilt during the afternoon and evening we are going to get a break until
5:32 am
then, clouds will open up, we won't warm much, mid 50s coast, mid to upper 50s for the rest of us before showers hit this afternoon. standing water will be a factor in your drive this morning give your extra time bay bridge light, no metering lights wet roads smooth sailing on the incline through treasure island. eastbound 780 chp responding big rig accident at flown cove no further details. bart recovering from an earlier problem ashby station with some sort of insulation on tracks still a 10 minute delay fremont richmond millbrae directions no other problems with mass transit heading out now drive times westbound 580 still a good ride out of the central valley highway 4 from 2 -- hillcrest to 242 in concord 20 minutes,
5:33 am
80 westbound not bad from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. latest on developing news in san francisco lightning has sparked a power outage this is storm-related here's the effect now, pg&e says the lightning blew out five transformers. at this hour, fewer than 100 customers are impacted in the nowee valley area. here's a look at the crews working trying to get power restored. they are telling amy hollyfield, that half of the residents will have power restored by 7:30 this morning. the rest will have to wait until 11:00, roughly, to get the power back on. crews have reset one of the transformers but they are working to replace four others. we will keep you posted. 5:33. in the south bay, people waiting in line for hours for a chance at holiday food largesse. let's check in with katie marzullo. >> reporter: good morning.
5:34 am
the man who runs all of this is already here this morning checking on everyone in line he talked with the very first person in line yesterday that person showed up at heaven -- that person showed up at 11:30 yesterday morning. we understand that people don't need to wait in line this morning. the organizer telling us they will have plenty of food. here they are in line dozens of people, one woman says it has been a hard year for her and her young daughter and they just moved to san jose a month ago. >> we've got a house full of people, eight people living in our house. we are crowded and money is tight. it wouldn't be a good holiday season. >> reporter: this morning is registration. people can register to ensure they have a good holiday they can sign up for two boxes, one for thanksgiving and one for christmas between the two holidays the san jose
5:35 am
community service has about 7,000 boxes of food available. they say the other day they received a huge truck load of donated food, but they need more, they always need more. anyone who can spare canned food items, they are going to let families register for toys to give away to -- for the holidays. doors open at 7:30 when volunteers arrive and will start getting organized many they hope to start registering people as early as possible, no later than 9:00 this morning and doors close at 6:00 this evening. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:35. president obama set to make his first post-election comments today about actions needed to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff that can plunge the economy back into recession. the president will be asking republicans and democrats to work together to tackle the problems. he will be speaking from the white house 10:00 this morning our time about the tax increases and spending cuts that will automatically come if congress doesn't act before
5:36 am
the january 1st, deadline. more from the nation's capital in the next half hour. new job report or new report shows the bay area job market should expand more quickly than california's and the rest of the nation's over the next two years. bay area jobs total should expand by 7.2% overall professional and business services will grow the most quickly, 15 1/2% over two years education and health care expected to grow by 10% leisure and hospitality by 9:00 -- by 9% the only losses are expecting from government agencies. moraga school board president resigned hours after winning reelection tuesday. reports the superintendent e-mail-ed parents about the resignation, -- effective
5:37 am
immediately. kristen cunnane is suing the district for could having up her claims of sex abuse years ago by two teachers. in response the district said her own carelessness or may have played a role in what happened. wednesday the moraga district apologized and directed its attorney to withdraw that line of defense. mountain view police have shutdown a drug lab producing a psychedelic substance used by shaman in the amazon. the dug is known as dmt which authorities say -- the drug is known as dmt which authorities say is 10 times more powerful than lsd. the drug lab was discover coulded yesterday when police and s.w.a.t. team raided two apartment complexes they served four search warrants and found the lab. >> it a hallucinogen, fast-acting, illegal. from what we know so far this
5:38 am
may be the first lab of this kind in the bay area. >> dmt found in plants, shamans in the amazon are known to use it in a ceremonial drink. this is what it looks like up close. police didn't find any finished product it was still in the process of being processed. police arrested three, they also recovered heroin, meth, marijuana and several guns and other weapons. there's optimism among sierra ski resort operators they may open soon. aggressive snow-making operation helped mammoth open yesterday. visitors were greeted with intermit sent flurries mixed with the -- intermittent flurries mixed with the real stuff. in the tahoe area it is cold and new snow is falling again. the snow making machines are fired up, several tahoe resorts that opened for a few days last month -- all hoping
5:39 am
to start to open in the coming days and if you get snow resort ski resortx!k9ákejtj before thanksgiving that is considered an early start. >> let's find out if mother nature is playing along. here's mike. thunder, hail all over except batch of lighter showers doppler updating it, showing that it is moving still towards 237, sunnyvale towards milpitas, a few more radar returns lowest levels into san jose over the airport. last night in the east bay this is video of hail see how it is bouncing off the windowsill coming down at a good kphreup, every once in a -- good clip, every once in a while you -- that's what is --
5:40 am
[ unintelligible ] here's a look at live doppler, that's what fell last night we talked about hail would move in and we have showers around morgan hill, gilroy, san martin heading pacheco pass going to move into the central valley. drying through 7:00, chilly in the 40s barely make it up into the mid and upper 50s by 4:00 when showers return and they will be here for the evening hours could be a clack of thunder and possibility of small hail, dress warmly, upper 40s i -- to 50 at 7:00. warmer sunday and monday. speaking of snow and hail, snow on the ground truckee and tahoe trains required on 80 and 50 if you are heading in the area. here's 80 east shore freeway moving nicely at the limit, a little crowded no delays towards macarthur maze, eastbound good too. first reports of accident
5:41 am
north self between in the santa cruz mountains before glen wood drive pick-up truck blocking both lanes i don't see significant slowing we'll come back to that, update in a bit. south san jose towards morgan hill, southbound 101 coyote creek golf drive, not blocking lanes. eastbound 780 still report of big rig blocking lane at glen cove, chp there and assessing the scene. let's look at your traffic app, waze app this is looking at 680 through the san ramon valley moving nicely to danville into san ramon dublin pleasanton area about 20 minutes from highway 24 into pleasanton looking good. you can download this app to help you navigate your commute, free on the app store and google play. 5:41. video game created by silicon valley company gets navy seals in serious trouble.
5:42 am
next, why they are being disciplined by the military >> protecting your privacy. bay area transportation leaders consider ways to limit information they keep on clipper and fastrak users.
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welcome back. here's a look at san francisco towards the port of oakland clearing trend developing right now. don't let your guard down we still have cool conditions and a chance of thunderstorms, hail even snow down to 3500 maybe 3,000 feet around the bay during the afternoon and evening hours. 5:45. the navy is punishing seven members of the elite seal team 6 for helping a company develop a new video game. medal of honor war fighter the seals worked as consultants and received letters of reprimand for disclosing classified information. their pay will be cut in half two months one of those seals was on the killed bin laden. four other seals are under investigation for similar disclosures. tonight the palo alto police department is holding first ever actual ride-along
5:46 am
on twitter between 5 p.m. and 1 a.m. with live tweets. also try to answer questions. officials say their goal is to give the community insight into the realities of law enforcement in palo alto. we have that information posted on our website under see it on tv. the privacy battle between fastrak, clipper card users and transit officials will be up for discussion today. the commission is considering changes to the way it stores card holder information. specifically, how long personal data is stored. current policy allows the of thousands of bay area commuters stored for up to seven years. mta says private information is well protected.
5:47 am
civil rights advocates argue storing data that long violates privacy. promising news on-the-job front. stock futures falling again this morning after two bad days. bloomberg business report is next. more victims of superstorm sandy, some may be turned away at gas pumps.
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scattered showers thunderstorms around monterey last hour snow showers in the high country where it is going to snow during the afternoon, 30 tahoe, 39 yosemite rest of us 50s and 60s scattered showers throughout the valley. winter weather advisory. 5:50. preliminary hearing continues this morning for a u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 afghan civilians with villagers and u.s. soldiers expected to testify by individual were from afghanistan. 39-year-old staff sergeant robert bales has been charged with murder in one of the worst atrocities in the iraq and afghanistan wars nine of
5:51 am
the victims were children. a dna expert testified that bales had the blood of four people on his guns and clothes when he surrendered. police at gas stations in new york this morning are there to enforce new gas rationing plan that lets motorists fill up every other day. officials say it was imposed in new york city and long island because something had to be done to ease long waits which they say has caused panic buying and hording in the wake of sandy. rationing has been underway in new jersey for one week a nor'easter knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of new people in new york and new jersey has erased some of the progress made by crews. you remember the 1979 oil crisis in california we did that odd/even rationing. >> you bet. how are you going to plan your
5:52 am
weekend? better be ready for more wet weather saturday evening will be a little nicer, just as chilly if not even cooler than this evening. looking to the southeast, definite clearing trend, clouds starting to break up, temperatures [ inaudible ] showers continue to move away from us, we still have that one lone one along 237 central expressway towards milpitas, calaveras beautiful, sierra boulevard, alum rock the -- the last areas getting wet around the bay, rotating to the south and east and away from us probably the last push of wet weather for the morning commute. castro valley, pea to marble-sized hail. we could have a repeat of this as we head into the afternoon and evening hours from the next batch. clearing and getting colder, santa rosa 35°.
5:53 am
rest of us in the low to mid 40s until you get to mountain view 47. mid to upper 40s monterey bay still showers lingering for the next hour or so showers come back thunderstorms tonight snow level down to 3,000 feet, chilly nights the next couple of ones we may have to protect pets and plants. low moving through know one last one behind it as pair of lows going to move east and take all this unstable weather with it. it is going to take a while, 7:00 starting to see drying trend for back half of the morning commute noon partly sunny showers roll in for the afternoon and evening hours best chance and strongest storms will be out over the ocean some will stray into the bay inland neighborhoods by tomorrow morning, they are almost gone, moving out of here we are going to see brighter conditions. still going to be cool mid to upper 50s tomorrow after the
5:54 am
possibility of frost in the north bay valleys tonight, possibility of frost north bay valleys again saturday night into sunday morning. afternoon highs going to hit mid 60s around the bay and inland near 60 next week at the coast. next chance of rain not until wednesday. friday everyone, has been snowing in the sierra hope to give i a live shot of 80 truckee now, no snow snow on the road -- chains required on 80 between nyack and truck key -- nyack and truckee and 50 pretty sight to see but treacherous driving. northbound 17 before glenwood, pick-up truck spunnout blocking bottle lanes northbound 17 southbound 101 coyote creek golf drive car off into the embank. you may find -- so traffic,
5:55 am
san jose separate accident north 101 at 85 blocking lane of traffic earlier accident 780 at glen cove, now cleared. year waze app, this is 680, -- pleasanton, part me pleasant hill area through walnut creek and concord at the limit download this app for free. new survey out this morning reveals younger drivers are more likely to drive while drowsy than older drive verse. one in seven between 16 and 24 admits to having nodded off in the past year compared to one in 10 of all licensed drivers. one in six deadly accidents on the road involves deadly drivers. the study is in conjunction of drowsy driver awareness week.
5:56 am
here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. promising news on-the-job market employers hire more fulltime workers analysts say it is a double positive people who have fulltime jobs are likely to spend more freely. before you swallow chocolate milk, nestle recalling chocolate power because of possible salmonella risk. as for trading more down days on wall street between now and the end of the year investors lock in profits to avoid what might be higher taxes on capital gains starting january 1st. concern about that pushing stocks lower yesterday. forget about black friday sears starting what used to be day after thanksgiving sales, five days early, sunday. the first deals are online for members only. sears opening sears and kmart
5:57 am
stores on thanksgiving day with special deals with rival wal-mart. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. 5:57. next, rough weather hits bay area overnight and leaves a neighborhood in the dark. pg&e works now to get the lights back on. hail hits the east bay. we've been talking about it in several communites. mike is ahead with what to expect. the extra comfort an airline is
5:58 am
5:59 am
heavy rain moved into parts of the bay area overnight. live picture from the embarcadero some roads still wet, mike is ahead with what is ahead for your commute. right now in the south bay hundreds waiting in line to get help for -- [ inaudible ]

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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 11, Truckee 5, Oakland 4, Milpitas 4, Pillsbury Crescents 3, Sears 3, Katie Marzullo 3, Richmond 3, Gilroy 3, San Martin 3, San Mateo 3, Millbrae 3, Ghana 3, New York 3, Pillsbury Grands 2, Crescent Bacon Cheddar Pinwheels 2, Rosa 2, Antioch 2, Obama 2, Amy Hollyfield 2
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